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What does "otaku" mean?

In the Encyclopedia of Japanese Pop Culture, by Mark Schilling, he says "It is tempting to translate otaku as 'nerd', but though both are often thought of, humorously, as socially inept loners, otaku are also fanatically knowledgeable in one abstruse field, be it Godzilla movies or the history of sumo wrestling. Otaku got their name from their habit of addressing others as otaku, a form of the second-person singular and plural that is polite, impersonal, and, in certain social contexts, bizarrely off-putting, like calling a classmate 'sir.' Foreign fans of Japanese manga and animation who can recite Hayao Miyazaki's entire filmography proudly refer to themselves as otaku, though in Japan it is a label that also carries implications of serious strangeness."

In some of my words, it's basically an obsession, where someone is obsessed with gathering information about a subject. For the otaku, no piece of information is too trivial to dismiss or ignore. The importance being that the otaku noticed it and that others did not.

On a side note, this is just a list of some Anime stuff I own. In theory, I'll be able to figure out if I don't have something and be able to buy it. Also I'll be able to click on the links to the research I've done for it. I'm big into having the "complete" set for items. Hopefully I can keep it up to date.

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